Drywall Installation

Add custom designs for dramatic effect

The Miami area is known for its multimillion-dollar homes and luxurious office spaces. If you want your property to stand out, add stylish features like drywall designs. We're the design installation experts in Pompano Beach, FL.

Gypsum board and durock cement board are our material of choice because it performs well in high humidity. Contact us today to discuss your drywall design and installation preferences with the pros.


Goodbye, Textured Walls. Hello, Smooth Surfaces.

Hire the drywall installation experts in Pompano Beach, FL

Although it might sound counterintuitive, removing texture involves applying a thin coat of drywall compound to the surface, also known as a skim coating. Prestige Brothers Painting, LLC. boasts years of skim coating experience and a stellar reputation. No wonder we're a go-to drywall installation contractor in the Pompano Beach, FL area.

You can feel confident in choosing us because...

● We provide a warranty.
● We use the finest materials.
● We're known for our flawless work.